Step-by-Step to Become a Wharton Center Subscriber


By Maya Kleinsorge

So you’ve made the decision to purchase or renew a season subscription package from Wharton Center – great choice! You have already picked out the seven Performing Arts shows you want to see (and you may be adding tickets to Wicked, just because you can!), or maybe you have decided on the Broadway Series. Now it’s time to get that order form filled out! Never fear, Wharton Center is here to help.


The subscription process is super easy. For those who have expressed interest in our programming, we send our Wharton Center season brochure. Inside, you will find information on a slew of benefits you can take advantage of as a subscriber: guaranteed priority seating before anyone else; special pricing and additional savings throughout the season; plus, early access to events added throughout the year. Our local businesses and restaurants offer special discounts and deals through our Subscriber Discount Program, as well.


If you are not yet on our mailing list or have not received your 2019-2020 season brochure, please call the Ticket Office at 1.800.WHARTON and request that a season brochure be sent to you. You can also visit to get this information and download the brochure. You’ll want to get your order in as soon as you can; we will start seating orders on May 1.


Here is a step-by-step on the whole routine:


1. What. Once you receive or download your season brochure, review the season and determine what shows you’d like to see; would the Broadway Series or a Performing Arts package achieve your best 2019-2020 experience?

2. When. Next comes the date and time. Choose the dates you wish to attend your preferred shows and the pricing zone that works for you.

3. How. For example, if you choose the Broadway package and want two tickets to Disney’s Aladdin on Wednesday, December 4 at 7:30 p.m. in Zone 1, you would enter the number 2 at the right side of that line in the order form, calculate the total price and enter that total in the space provided (next to the number of tickets); repeat with the other Broadway shows until the package of five shows is complete. Add any Performing Arts events or Spotlight Dinners you want to purchase, and then complete the payment information at the bottom of the Patron Information page.

4. Send. Just send your form on its way! If you received the brochure in the mail, you also got a return envelope; you can safely deliver this VIS (Very Important Subscription) back to Wharton Center. You can also hand-deliver your order, and drop it into the box in Wharton Center’s lobby, by the Ticket Office. Congrats! you’re finished!!


Now that you know it’s almost as simple as singing your ABC’s, why wouldn’t you subscribe? For more information, visit Want to talk to a human? The Ticket Office agents are happy to help with any inquiries you may have; call them at 1.800.WHARTON. See you at Wharton Center soon!

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