Meet Regina Carter: Playlist Edition


Michigander Regina Carter has left her mark on the world of live jazz. Hailing from the 313, Carter has spent her career working with some of the best and brightest musicians the scene has to offer. To name drop just a few, she has worked with icons Aretha Franklin and Mary J. Blige. For those who follow music, you know that’s a BIG deal. She rightfully earned the MacArthur “genius grant” in 2006, because — let’s face it — she really is a musical genius. Carter has released several albums, and her most recent, and inspiration for her 2018/2019 tour, Ella: Accentuate the Positive, celebrates the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald, and critics have been loving it. Carter’s tribute to Fitzgerald is stuffed to the brim with moving interpretations on the legend’s music, each song celebrating the essence of jazz and Fitzgerald’s mastery of the art. Want to hear what Carter brings to the stage? Check out this comprehensive playlist of her hits, from her first album all the way to her newest. You’re sure to fall in love with Regina Carter in no time.



Now that you know all about Regina Carter and her music style, we know you want to see her LIVE in person, and you have your chance at Wharton Center on February 22. You can purchase your ticket here. Don’t forget to also give us a like on Facebook here and follow our Instagram here and our Twitter here.

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