Our Favorite Pie Recipes – Just in Time for WAITRESS

Waitress has the Wharton Center admin office with pie on our minds. Pie is making appearances in our dreams, our subject lines and now, even our blog posts. We put our heads together to cultivate an e-cookbook of all our favorite pie recipes. From apple to pumpkin, we’ll save you the trip to your local bakery with this expansive variety of family recipes.

Patti’s Favorite Apple Pie

Ingredients_ (1).png

Sometimes it’s impossible to beat a good old-fashioned apple pie. Our marketing coordinator, Patti Roost, submitted this popular classic.

Alex’s Classic Chess Pie

Alex's Classic Chess Pie.png

If you’re looking to add some southern charm to your dessert menu, Alex’s Classic Chess Pie is the answer. This public relations intern describes it as “a rich vanilla custard-based pie that uses white vinegar to counteract some of the sweetness” while using “the cornmeal and flour create a caramelized top to hold the pie together.” This pie’s sweet custard flavor keeps your guests, family or friends looking for more.

Emily’s Toasted Coconut Mochaccino Pie

Emily's Toasted Coconut Mochaccino Pie.jpg

We even have a pie for the coffee-obsessed! This award-winning recipe is like eating pudding, coffee, coconut, and pie all in one. Emily, one of our marketing interns and president of WCSMO, loves making this for friends when they’re looking for something sweet!

Ryonn’s Fresh Pear Pie

Ryonn's Pear Pie.jpg

Senior marketing manager Ryonn’s pick is a fresh take on your typical fruit pie! Swap the apples for a few pears, and this one is sure to be an annual favorite.

Kristin’s Chocolate-Bottom Pumpkin Tart

Kristin's Chocolate Bottom Pumpkin Tart.png

Harry Potter fans rejoice! Marketing intern Kristin’s pick is straight out of the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. This twist on the traditional pumpkin pie is a great surprise for book lovers and pumpkin spice fans alike.

Hannah’s Hungarian Apple Pie

Hannah's Hungarian Apple Pie.jpg

We round out our cookbook with public relations intern Hannah’s favorite family recipe. This pie reminds her of her grandmother who loves making this unique take on an old-time classic. This rectangular pie is served in squares and features a grated apple filling sandwiched between two layers of buttery pastry.

Mouth watering yet? See WAITRESS at Wharton Center this week, January 23-28, for more diner-approved recipes. Student tickets are only $29, so follow us Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more behind-the-scenes looks at Wharton. 

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