Reflecting on Family

By Madison Stapels

Fun Home, based on Alison Bechdel’s best-selling graphic  memoir, introduces us to Alison at three different stages as she explores and sheds light on the mysteries of her childhood, and how our families shape who we become.

 “One of the best new musicals of our era. A rare sighting that could induce a theater critic to genuflect if not erupt into a chorus of hallelujahs” – Los Angeles Times

“You shouldn’t go [see Fun Home] unless you’re a father or daughter or mother or son.” – Mark Harris, New York Magazine, Entertainment Weekly

In reflecting on her childhood and growing up, Alison Bechdel looks back on her family…particularly her father, Bruce, who spent Alison’s entire life in the closet as a gay man. In Fun Home‘s character exploration of family, each person can see a piece of their history and their family in the Bechdel family in some way. For me, my mom had me 10 days after her 21st birthday and raised me as a single mother. She worked full time and was taking classes to finish up her college degree, all while raising me and volunteering in my classrooms as much as she could. She was the one person in my family that instilled in me the drive to give 110 percent for something that I am passionate about. No matter how hard it got, she still managed to pull it off, and do it well. Because of this, I am perseverant and never give up when things get tough (or I at least try not to). Whether you realize it or not, your family molds who you are, who you will be, and how you will navigate the world.

The story in Fun Home is universal. No, you may not have a closeted father and be a lesbian cartoonist…but that’s not truly what the story is about. The details of Alison’s story point out the meaning of family, and love, in all our lives.

Fun Home will be at Wharton Center through Sunday, June 11, and I highly recommend you see it.


Tickets can be purchased here or by calling the Wharton Center Ticket Office at 1.800.WHARTON. Come to the Fun Home, you won’t regret it.

Are you an MSU student? $28 MSU Student Tickets are also available: Visit, select Students on the right-hand side, and enter your APID to redeem.


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