A Closer Look: Among the Darkest Shadows

By Kendall Buzzelli

Dance is in full swing in February at Wharton Center, beginning with  Among the Darkest Shadows on February 16 and 19. This Wharton Center-commissioned dance/theatre piece follows two victims of modern slavery…or, as we’ve come to know it, human trafficking.

The term ‘human trafficking’ refers to two types of illegal activity:  sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Human trafficking has become a worldwide concern and is prevalent in many Michigan cities…places where one might not necessarily expect to find it.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.47.56 AM.png

Rehearsal Photos


Inlet Dance Theatre and Wharton Center teamed up almost two years ago to develop a project meant to bring awareness to this widespread issue through the powerful lens of theatre and dance. Wharton Center asked California-based playwright José Cruz González to do the seemingly impossible:  write a play for dancers. 

Among the Darkest Shadows tells the tale of Lodi and Pinta, and their struggle to survive the horrors of human trafficking. In  this work, Inlet Dance Theatre not only challenges its dancers with  an emotionally-charged story line and intricate choreography…the dancers also serve as actors and portray characters in a play. Take a look at this video of Inlet Dance cast members rehearsing the piece:

Inlet Dance comes to Wharton Center to premiere Among the Darkest Shadows February 16 at 7:30pm, with an additional performance February 19 at  1pm. Specially-priced student and youth tickets are available; the show is suitable for ages 12 and up. Pre- and post-show talks about the show will take  place at both performances, and are free for all ticket-holders. To learn more, visit our website at whartoncenter.com, like us on Facebook , or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


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