The Must-See Vocalists of Art of Time

By Kendall Buzzelli

If there was one aspect that I believed was the heart and soul of every band, it’d have to be the vocals. Killer vocals can take any band from talented to talented and memorable. If you think about it, every lead vocalist becomes the face of the band: Freddie Mercury, Kurt Kobain, even Justin Timberlake — we remember their faces, voices, and feel every emotional connection their create with their instrument.


Art of Time Ensemble, coming to Wharton Center October 6, is the perfect blend of Canada’s (and beyond) best lead singers. Steven Page, former lead of Barenaked Ladies, Wesley Stace (aka John Wesley Harding) and solo-artist-turned-band member, Andy Maize of the Skydiggers, and Craig Northey of The Odds will re-imagine the Beatles’ iconic eighth studio album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Art of TIme Collage

The Beatles are widely known for their use of intricate four-part harmony. This is no challenge for the men of Art of Time because of their extensive musical backgrounds. During Steven Page’s over 20 year time with BNL, he was the main songwriter and vocalist on hits like “If I Had $1,000,000,” “One Week” and “Pinch Me. Post-BNL, Page recently released a new album titled Heal Thyself that highlights the best aspect of a  keepsake like him: his voice. Page’s timeless voice is what has kept us listening and following his career.


Wesley Stace came to fame through the same process. Born in England, Stace brought his impeccable voice to the United States and has shared the stage with icons like Bruce Springsteen and Iggy Pop.


Andy Maize’s contribution ties in with the Beatle’s harmonies. Skydiggers, the almost 30-year-old Canadian rock band out of Toronto, has enlisted the use of harmony on every album they’ve produced.


Lastly, Craig Northey of The Odds is the secret ingredient in the Art of Time Ensemble. After recording four albums with The Odds, Northey has gone on to write movie and musical scores, diversifying the all-encompassing aspect of Art of Time.


With Page, Stace, Maize, and Northey as your Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr, the vocals of Art of Time Ensemble are not to be missed. Check out this clip of their 2012 performance of Sgt. Pepper.


Want tickets to see Art of Time Ensemble? Click here or call 1-800-WHARTON. Student and youth tickets are available for only $18!

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