What to Wear to Wharton Center: Fall Looks


By Kendall Buzzelli

The difficulty of choosing an outfit can seem insurmountable. With changing seasons, busy lives, and that summer laziness you can’t seem to shake off ­– an outfit for each upcoming Wharton Center show might be overwhelming. Not to worry, though… because Wharton Center has got you covered, with looks straight from our Pinterest to help you get in motion. We’ve assessed fall fashion and brought it to you with looks for our fall shows, including Sutton Foster, Art of Time Ensemble, Reduced Shakespeare Company, The Adventures of Bella & Harry, and AZIZA.


Reduced Shakespeare Company, September 28 & 29: America Infused 

As Reduced Shakespeare takes on a special Election Edition, let’s get a little patriotic. A deep red dress and some navy blue suede booties will bring out your patriotism while you’re laughing along with Reduced Shakespeare’s slapstick and very smart comedy.


Sutton Foster, October 1:  Simple but elegant

Inspired by Sutton Foster’s character Liza on Younger, we’ve mixed great fall looks into a simple yet elegant outfit. This look you can take from day to night with just the addition of a pair of wedges and dark red lipstick; it all conveys Sutton’s fun-loving, quirky personality.


Art of Time Ensemble performing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, October 6:  Rock n’ Roll

With former Barenaked Ladies lead singer Steven Page coming to Wharton Center, your outfit has to be killer. Make things a little sultry with some dark jeans, combat boots and a motorcycle jacket. The Beatles revolutionized the world of music, and your outfit has to match that innovation.



Bella & Harry, October 9:  Chic Comfort with the Family

Taking the kids to Wharton Center is a great activity for a Sunday afternoon, but what do you wear? Wharton Center style experts say that something comfortable but put together is the way to go. With jeans, a simple graphic tee, ballet flats, and a ponytail, you can’t go wrong!


AZIZA – Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Lionel Loueke and Eric Harland, October 20: Jazzy Sophistication

AZIZA is that show you’ve been waiting to wear something you can only wear on specific occasions —a jumpsuit. Stick with black or maybe a deep purple with minimal jewelry and some killer high heels. You’ll feel classier than ever before!


For extra tips on makeup looks to go with these outfits, try a YouTube beauty guru video like this one:


Now that you have your outfits prepared, how could you not get tickets? Student tickets are $18 and are available for most shows, and family shows like Bella & Harry have $14 tickets for all seats. Get more information by visiting whartoncenter.com or by calling 1.800.WHARTON.

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