All You Need is Love and This Playlist to Get Ready for Art of Time Ensemble

By Kendall Buzzelli

There’s nothing like a good playlist to get you in the rock-n-roll mood. Coming to Wharton Center October 6, Art of Time Ensemble is ready to rock. With Steven Page, formerly of the iconic band Barenaked Ladies, on vocals, Art of Time Ensemble takes on The Beatles’ epochal album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Open up your Spotify and check out Wharton Center’s Art of Time Ensemble Classic Rock playlist.


All praise the Queen.

What better way to start off a classic rock jam session than with Queen. Let killer vocalist Freddy Mercury serenade you on your morning commute with “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the forefront. Don’t forget about “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “We Are the Champions” because there’s no doubt you need those songs with your morning cup of coffee.


Transition to Pink Floyd.

Progressing into psychedelic rock, turn up some Pink Floyd, the perfect band to get you through the work day. You can’t go wrong with their most famous album, Dark Side of the Moon. Songs like “Money,” “Time,” “Wish You Were Here,” and if you’re feeling ambitious, all 13 minutes and five parts of “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” will get the job done.


Round things out with AC/DC.

ACDC will really send you into the rock-n-roll, head-banging and guitar-shredding mood. “Highway to Hell” is the perfect jam for your ride home, but make sure to check out “Back in Black” and “T.N.T” to get the full AC/DC experience.


Keep the night rolling with the Rolling Stones.

There’s no one more impressive than 73 year-old Mick Jagger who can still rock like it’s 1975. The Rolling Stones will get you in the English mood while enveloping you in an entire different vibe than before. Songs like “Start Me Up” and “Gimme Shelter” are those songs that just never seem to get old.


Don’t forget the Beatles.

You won’t be ready for Art of Time Ensemble’s performance without listening to some Beatles. Spend some time getting to know the Sgt. Pepper album as you make yourself dinner, jamming to hits like “With a Little Help From My Friends,” “Getting Better,” “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” “A Day in the Life” and of course, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

Art of Time0002_Allan Pettman

By that time, you’ll be a certified rock enthusiast, just in time for the 7:30 PM performance of Art of Time Ensemble! Follow @whartoncenter on Spotify for the full playlist here. Get your tickets early, as this show is going to be one you’ll not want to miss!

Don’t forget your student tickets for only $18! Visit or call 1-800-WHARTON for more information.





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