Reduced Shakespeare Company: Doing What You Can’t in 6000 Seconds

By Kendall Buzzelli

Two hours. Seems like a pretty decent chunk of time, and Reduced Shakespeare Company: Election Edition, coming to Wharton Center September 28-29, brings a performance showing 600 years of history — and here’s the catch — in 6000 seconds. Less than two hours. It seems unbelievable because think of all the things you can’t do in less than two hours.


Play Monopoly.


Admit it. We’ve all tried to sit down and play a “quick game of Monopoly,” but there’s really no such thing. Every time, six hours later, your friend group is left hungry, exhausted and angry because Debbie wouldn’t trade her last Railroad for Boardwalk. Playing Monopoly is a responsibility of an awareness that your friendships may never be the same again.


Assemble that new closet organizer from IKEA.


Yet another example of something that always takes more than two hours: building IKEA furniture. Dad offers to help, and lovingly says, “We won’t need the directions.” Two hours later, Dad and you are still wondering why there are four different kinds of screws for the door knob.


Wait at a stage door.

Jane stage door

We all know the feeling of going to see your favorite show and just dying to meet your favorite actor. You rush out of the theater as the curtain closes, to get in stage door position…and the waiting commences. Five minutes, ten minutes and then hours pass by, and still no selfie with Daniel Radcliffe. When he finally does come out — two hours later — he scribbles a signature on your Playbill, and you feel elated. Worth it. Every. Time.


Watch Les Misérables.


Even with the recent movie adaption in 2014, watching the entirety of Les Mis is a commitment. You proudly sing the lyrics to “What Have I Done?” and sob during “I Dreamed a Dream”…and by that time, you’re already emotionally exhausted and can just barely lift your head up by “One Day More.”


Cross Farm Lane.

Okay, so maybe this doesn’t actually take two hours. But if you’re from the Lansing area or attend Michigan State University, you’ve experienced the craziness that is Farm Lane. You’ve for sure waited there long enough to have the phrase “Farm Lane walk sign” stuck in your head, and it’s made you late for class or work at least once.

RSC_Election Edition2_Meg Moore

There are so many seemingly fast activities that always take over two hours. The crazy fact about it is that you can see Reduced Shakespeare Company recite over 600 years of history in less than two hours. So put down that Community Chest card or those Swedish instructions, and pick up a ticket to see Reduced Shakespeare Company: Election Edition. If you’re a student at MSU, student tickets are only $18! Your soul will thank you for letting it do something other than wish they’d just let Jean Valjean go home.

For more information on show times and ticket prices, click here.

Kendall Buzzelli is a student at Michigan State University from Dexter, MI passionate about Broadway, theatre and the Performing Arts.

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