Yefim Bronfman: Why classical music is for everyone

By Kendall Buzzelli

Bronfman 2 (c)Dario Acosta

Classical music is an art, yet listening to classical music is a preference. As someone who doesn’t know much about classical music, I thought I might want to explore the world of classical music through Wharton Center’s upcoming show on April 2: Yefim Bronfman.

A pianist born in Soviet Russia and now an American citizen, Bronfman is nothing less than impressive. He’s performed with countless symphonies such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the San Francisco Symphony and many more. He’s a Grammy Award-winner and even played on the soundtrack for Disney’s Fantasia 2000. Bronfman has become a powerhouse in the piano world and has been sharing his talent for decades.

So you’re probably asking why a person who knows nothing about classical music should be interested in going to a solo piano recital.

Bronfman (c) Oded Antman

Well, any kind of music has the ability to make a person feel something, and classical music is no different — if not more intensely, even. Do a quick Google search of Yefim Bronfman’s name and you’ll see his passion. On YouTube, you can see how expressively and emotionally he plays as he delves into every note, every rhythm, every harmony. Bronfman has the capacity to tell a story solely through his fingertips. Though Bronfman has played with many a symphony, he can tell a story honestly with only a piano and himself on stage.

Yefim Bronfman takes every performance to the next level. I saw in Bronfman’s repertoire that one of the pieces he will be playing is Claude Debussy’s iconic Suite Bergamasque, which holds the famous third movement of the Suite; Clair de lune. If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard this piece in movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Twilight – both well-known, popular films that only further display the versatility of classical music as a genre. Clair de lune’s melody is a lullaby for the ears that Bronfman will surely use to display his incredible precision and musicality. His ability to turn a classic piece into something completely unique is unlike any other classical performer that I’ve ever heard of.

Yefim Bronfman’s Wharton Center performance will be memorable for all who attend because of this emotional connection. You don’t need to know much about classical music or even music to enjoy a night of artistic expression. Tickets start at $25, which is a bargain for what will be Yefim Bronfman’s unforgettable Wharton Center debut.

Student tickets are also available! Visit for details.



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