Act One: Bella and Harry – a Family Holiday to Wharton Center

By Kendall Buzzelli

As the school year begins and family life gets busy, one can only dream of summer vacation. The weather was nice, vacation days were abundant, and there was time for the whole family to spend together.


But that moment in time doesn’t have to end, as the family show Act One: The Adventures of Bella & Harry — Let’s Visit London! The Musical! comes to Wharton Center October 9.


Based on the popular children’s book series by Lisa Manzione, Bella & Harry: Let’s Visit London! is the perfect weekend getaway for every family. In the series, Chihuahua siblings Bella and Harry go on adventures across the globe — this time to London, England.


Bella, Harry and their family learn all about London, from cuisine to culture. This is a fun way to introduce young children to traveling and discovering new lands. The musical takes the audience to all the landmarks, including the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge, while teaching the audience the history and significance of every sight. London is a big city and can be a little bit overwhelming, but the video and a family outing to see Bella & Harry will do the trick!

Teaching kids about the world is something that a lot of parents today strive to do, knowing that the world is a lot bigger than just East Lansing, Michigan or even the United States. Family shows like Bella & Harry allow kids to learn about places that aren’t right outside their door. Kids will sing along to songs like “Big Ben Boogie,” “Stonehenge Rocks!” and “Tea Time for Two” while learning about a far-off place. The musical genre aids this learning experience in that kids can remember the catchy tunes of the music and correlate it with what they have learned.


Take a family holiday to Wharton Center — or should we say, London — this fall to “bring the world to your doorstep!” Tickets are only $14 and are available in person at the Wharton Center Ticket Office, online at or by calling 1-800-WHARTON.


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