Calling All Hipsters: Yefim Bronfman – The discovered and undiscovered

By Kendall Buzzelli

These days, the most popular pastime for any generation is trying to stay up to date with the newest trend. Whether it’s Pokemon or the latest Taylor Swift drama, everyone is trying to “keep up with the Kardashians.”

But maybe we should be focusing less on “keeping up” and focus a little more inwardly, on ourselves? After all, everyone wants to be unique and original and, with the revival of hipster culture, classical music can do just that.

Bronfman 1 (c) Dario Acosta

Yefim Bronfman, world-class pianist coming to Wharton Center April 2, is the missing piece in our hipster puzzle.

Bronfman is impressive as a person alone. Born in the Soviet Union, he grew up in Israel and is now an American citizen – a classic American melting pot example. He’s performed at Carnegie Hall, not to mention performances with renowned symphonies such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic, the San Francisco Symphony and many more. A Grammy-winner who can also be heard on the soundtrack to Disney’s Fantasia 2000, Bronfman has toured the globe showcasing his talent for sold-out audiences.

Famous in the classical music community, we are left to wonder why Bronfman’s music hasn’t become more mainstream; it’s not that classical music isn’t adored by the masses. So this is where the hipster revolution comes in.

Bronfman (c) Oded Antman

If you search Yefim Bronfman on YouTube, you’ll find plenty of half-hour-long videos of him virtually setting pianos ablaze. The most interesting portion of phenomenon – for me – is the comments. Bronfman has die-hard fans — people who defend his talent against more popular artists in the piano world like rock-star-status pianist Lang Lang. But what’s more unique and hipster than being a die-hard fan girl for a musician that may not be as well known to the public?

You don’t have to like classical music to be entertained by Bronfman; he is expressive and charismatic with only the touch of his fingers to the keys. This, in conjunction with the fact that he’s a little more unknown to people outside the classical music world, are what set Bronfman apart. His ability to bring those die-hard fans together with a community new to classical music makes his talent incalculable.


So, be that person in your friend group who is always discovering the next best thing. Be the hipster you were born to be, and get tickets to see Yefim Bronfman’s April 2 show at Wharton Center.

Student tickets are available for only $19! Click here for more information.

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