Top Ten Things Matilda Taught Us About Childhood

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By Jacob Arnold

Many of us think about our childhood, that magical time in our lives when we learned about how the world worked, when we grew up with our friends, how we learned life lessons and we didn’t have to do any adult stuff! These formative years helped shape each of us into the individuals we are today.

What better story to emphasis this fact than Matilda?

With an amazing story and an all-star cast, Matilda the Musical follows the story of a young girl as she overcomes struggles, meets new friends, befriends the sweet Ms. Honey and faces off against the monstrous Miss Trunchbull. With a story like that, we are bound to learn a thing or two about the best parts of our childhood!


  1. “Even if you’re little you can do a lot!”


Regardless of age, size, and shape, every single person on Earth has a chance to do something great. From something as simple as being there for a friend to helping to change the world, we can do anything that we set our mind to.


2. “Nobody but me is gonna change my story.”


Remember when you wanted to be an astronaut or a fireman? Who says you can’t?


3. “Never again will she get the best of me! Never again will she take away my freedom.”

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Throughout life (especially in high school), there will be people that will push you down and try to belittle you.  Embrace who you are and don’t let others define you.


4. “These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.”

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Whether an E-book or hard copy, there’s a reason why books have been around for centuries. They take us to different worlds, help us travel back in time, and meet new and exciting people.


5. “Just because you find that life’s not fair,it doesn’t mean that you just have to grin and bear it!”

tumblr_mrnnveHnH61saynkro3_400 (1)


6. “All the reading she had done had given her a view of life that they had never seen.”


Imagination is a powerful tool. It can create fascinating new ideas, improve on old ones, and is limitless.


7. “Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it’s unbelievable.”


Be yourself. There is one and only YOU!


8. “Sometimes Matilda longed for a friend, someone like the kind, courageous people in her books.”



9.” I can see this little girl needs somebody strong to fight by her side.”


Like Ms. Honey, we all need someone to look out for us. It could be a parent, a teacher, friend or colleague.


10. “I’m right and you’re wrong, I’m big and you’re small, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


If a school has someone named “Miss Trunchbull”, find another school.

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