Falling In Love With Opera

By Melissa Maestas

Act I

The main character enters. He is intrigued by his surroundings while also feeling excited. He has never attended an opera before and isn’t quite sure how to act. He fidgets in his seat and glances at the program. Other patrons begin to fill the seats around him. They speak excitedly of songs and characters that he knows nothing about. When he first read the description for this opera he became very interested in it. He knew that going to an opera would be very much unlike him, but he couldn’t resist. He needed to go and see the performance live. The people around him begin to quiet down, and he slowly relaxes in his seat as the lights dim.


Act II

The curtains open and the show begins. A woman enters the stage and begins singing passionately in a language that our main character does not understand. He debates making a swift and awkward exit, but he remains seated. People around him are nodding and staring attentively at the woman; they understand what’s going on. Maybe he can quickly search for a song synopsis, so he can actually understand all of it!


Then he looks at the woman, really begins to observe her mannerisms. He watches as she clutches her chest and falls to her knees. The woman is in despair. He feels her pain through her beautiful portrayal of this character. He wishes to look away or try to help her, but sadly he cannot. In a single song, the opera has captured his heart.



The show is drawn to an end and the curtains close. Our main character sits in silence as he lets everything sink in. People around him are drying their eyes; they felt these emotions too. Never before had he been so entranced or emotional about a performance. People begin to move around him, and he decides to do the same. He realizes that once he leaves, this passion in which he felt will not go with him. It will remain there for the next person to experience. Our main character then gets out of his seat. As the man exits the theater he promptly turns left and heads down the hall to buy tickets for the next show.



For more than 125 years the Metropolitan Opera’s stage has been graced by many beautiful performers, often being the ideal place for them to launch their careers. On April 13th, the rising stars of the Met Opera will grace our stage. Join us at Wharton Center to experience the opera through the performances of the Metropolitan’s most promising young talent as they too, seek to capture your heart. Tickets are on sale now.

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