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Q&A with Jazz Star Bria Skonberg

We caught up with jazz trumpeter and vocalist Bria Skonberg just before her April 27 Wharton Center debut. Check out our interview below! When did you first start playing the trumpet? I started on piano at age 7 and picked

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Bria Skonberg’s Red Hot Jazz – Guest Post by Benjamin Hall

Bria Skonberg brings her electrifying jazz performance to Wharton Center on Wednesday, April 27. Benjamin Hall, Coordinator of the Summer Solstice Jazz Festival fills us in on who Bria Skonberg is, what makes her special and why we should all go

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Top Ten Things Matilda Taught Us About Childhood

By Jacob Arnold Many of us think about our childhood, that magical time in our lives when we learned about how the world worked, when we grew up with our friends, how we learned life lessons and we didn’t have

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Falling In Love With Opera

By Melissa Maestas Act I The main character enters. He is intrigued by his surroundings while also feeling excited. He has never attended an opera before and isn’t quite sure how to act. He fidgets in his seat and glances

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