10 Reasons Why Mack Avenue SuperBand is a Michigan Must-See

By Melissa Maestas


If you are still looking for a reason to see Mack Avenue Superband on March 29th; look no further! Here are ten reasons why Mack Avenue SuperBand is a must see. (Especially for us Michiganders.)


1. Mack Avenue Records is a made in Detroit company



2. They have local artist Rodney Whitaker on the record label, director of Jazz Studies and artistic director for the Professors of Jazz at MSU’s College of Music.

Have to love the support of local artists.


3. The band made their debut in the Motor City!

In 2012, to be exact.


4. The SuperBand’s performance at the 2013 Detroit Jazz Festival was AMAZING

Can’t wait to have that same energy in East Lansing!


5. Tia Fuller loves being in the Motor City


Always great to be back in the “Motor City”!” Playing Motor City casino tonight #mackavenuesuperband

A photo posted by Tia Fuller (@tiafuller1) on Feb 18, 2016 at 9:27am PST


6. And so does Christian McBride



7. Let’s not forget Sean Jones!


Looking forward to the next three days! Performing in three of my favorite cities… First Detroit, then Chicago, and…

Posted by Sean Jones on Thursday, February 18, 2016


8.The SuperBand’s album is perfect for a Michigan summer

Their records can be heard here!


9.But since it isn’t exactly summer weather just yet (what is going on, Michigan?!) you can enjoy the band right here at Wharton Center.

And away from the unpredictable weather too…


10. With a label focused solely on jazz, this concert will surely not disappoint.



You can find more information about the show and SuperBand here. (Or you can check out our blog post here to meet the band members!) Make sure you get your tickets in time to see the Mack Avenue SuperBand perform at 7:30 PM on March 29th.


Tickets to the performance are available here. For students there are specially priced $15 student tickets with an MSU ID here.




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