Bobby McFerrin Meets Michigan

by Jacob Arnold


“I like to use the audience as my color palette, my instrument.”

-Bobby McFerrin


Vocal virtuoso Bobby McFerrin is living music.

His rhythms flow through the audience, no matter the size,  by exploring the magic of music together with him; taking them on a journey that eases and calms the mind and soul.

Bobby McFerrin, in collaboration with Michigan artists, seeks to highlight the creative process of making music. What will be seen on stage will be completely improvisational, sharing the joy of what is possible in spontaneously creating art with other talented performers. Artists in the performance include Mike Jellick on piano, Marion Hayden on bass, Tia Imani Hanna on the violin, Igor Houat playing the oud, dancer Alexander Hlavaty, and Carolyn Koebel on percussion.

What is most exciting about Bobby is that he uses and embraces different types of music that are found all over the world.  In his “Bobby Meets…” project, he interacts with different guest musicians and artists native to that area to help create beautiful music that combines his own flair with the local music scene.

Celebrities have also taken to Bobby’s charm; the late legendary actor Robin Williams collaborated with McFerrin on numerous occasions, including in the 1988 music video for the iconic hit song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

On February 6th, Wharton Center proudly presents Bobby Meets Michigan! as he collaborates with local and regional artists and mixes it with his own unique themes that will keep audiences entranced.

For ticket information, visit, or call 1-800-WHARTON. $15 student tickets are also available.

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