JAZZ – Why It’s Awesome

Keeping in mind the opportunity to see jazz legends Hugh Masekela and Larry Willis at Wharton Center on December 1, here are five reasons to attend a jazz performance.

  1. It’s America’s #1 contribution to music.
  1. It’s catchy as anything out there – grab on to a beat, tap your feet, and let it take you away.
  1. It’s a great stress reducer.
  1. Impress your date.  Jazz shows you have sophistication and can be spontaneous.
  1. Like rock n’ roll, rap, or hip-hop music? Then you like jazz.

We can’t think of a better jazz performance for you to see than Hugh Masekela and Larry Willis on December 1 in “Best of Friends.” Having met over 50 years ago in the halls of the Manhattan School of Music, they’ve been shaking up the jazz world ever since.  With 60 albums between them, these two giants of music, after decades of cultivating careers together and apart, take us on a grand journey as we hear their otherworldly tales of life in the business as two school friends reunite as living legends.

“A once-in-a-lifetime feeling fell over me listening to these two treasures, and listening to Masekela tell tales of hanging out in Harlem and stories of playing with Miles Davis and the stories he told of Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie and Sarah Vaughn. It was like getting a first-hand lesson in music history, delivered by one of the deans of the college.” – InsightNews.com

“Hugh Masekela is still one of the most thrilling live performers around.” — Rolling Stone”

To find out more about this performance or to purchase tickets, visit: http://www.whartoncenter.com/events/detail/hugh-masekela-larry-willis-friends

To continue your jazz education, take a look at these three great online jazz resources:

  1. For a brief but detailed overview of jazz history, read Scholastic’s History of Jazz.
  1. All About Jazz includes jazz articles, information about musicians, news, songs, photos, and upcoming events near you.
  1. Learn about jazz musicians and their connections with each other in a fun and interesting new way with Map of Jazz.





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