GET THE LOOK: Phantom of the Opera Characters

Ever want to look just like your favorite Phantom of the Opera characters? Well now you can, while still staying chic and stylish! We here at Wharton Center have made some customized looks just for our patrons, making modern replications of your favorite Phantom of the Opera characters. Now you all can rock the runway, “Music of the Night” style!



Are you a bit of a prima donna? Carlotta’s style just might be for you! Match an A-line red dress with some chunky gold jewelry and hit the town! But don’t forget to put on your striking gold pumps! Feeling a little more divalicious? Add a tiara to the look. You’re feeling like royalty, why not look the part?

Meg Giry:

Are you a bit more sweet than you are spice? Try this Meg Giry modern look on for size! Match an ornate cream crop top with a ruffled cream skirt for an angelic aesthetic. Match it with some silver gladiator sandals and a platinum watch and you’ll look so heavenly, you’ll be floating on a cloud!

Madame Giry:


Are you a tough girl? Look fab in black? You should try out Madame Giry’s style! Pair a black blazer with leather lapels with some striking leather pants. Add a chunky black heel and you are ready to conquer the world. But don’t forget to add your pop of color! Match the look with a maroon chain wallet and you are unstoppable.

The Phantom (Left) and Christine (Right):

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA 5 - Chris Mann and Katie Travis - photo Matthew Murphyphantom_fashion

Do you often fall for dark, mysterious men who play the organ? You sound like a Christine! To get her look, try a floral white dress, with a skinny black belt. Don’t forget to accessorize! Put on some aqua pumps and pair it with a matching silver and aqua ring. Top off the look with some dazzling diamond stud earrings and you are ready to find your own Phantom!

Or do you find yourself sulking in dark corners, serenading others and cutting chandeliers? You just be a Phantom! Match some tight black slacks with a white, collared button-up, tucked in, of course. Add a bowtie and a gray wool cape, and you are almost good-to-go! But before you leave your dungeon, pair the look with some black Louboutins, a little red-bottom never hurt anyone. And for that finishing, signature touch, rock that Phantom mask girl! This look was made to strut through the night!

This blog post was written by Chris Ryan, a social media coordinator and marketing intern at Wharton Center for Performing Arts.

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