MUMMENSCHANZ – Guest Post by Wharton Center Staff Member Ryonn Clute

Ok, so here’s a little something about me that will shock no one who knows me: I grew up in a house with a TV that got two channels. Luckily for me, one of those stations was a PBS station. Amidst the wonder of This Old House, of which I was strangely in awe at an early age, the joy of Doctor Who, the fun of Cooking with Julia Child and hearing my brother lovingly imitate the maven of all cooking shows, we briefly got to experience something wholly odd and yet magical at the same time: a sketch with Mummenschanz that was indelibly etched on my brain. It was weird, yep, but it was fun, silly, interesting, thoughtful, and since that time I have seen the ensemble over the years in various forms, and I have appreciated them more and more for what I know now: their ability to assess and make sense of the human condition. Be it as simple as human interaction using multiple toilet paper rolls, clay masks creating new emotions with each new shape, or a giant slinky balancing a balloon, the silence they are known for never lasts long as audience laughter erupts continuously.

I‘m excited to see Mummenschanz again this month. That orange-tinged feel of the 70s and early 80s is now gone. I do kind of miss it; but I appreciate an ensemble that can create something so magical, and amazing out of so many rolls of toilet paper and a ginormous slinky and so much more, and be so relevant for over 40 years.

For more information, and to buy tickets, check out the show page here. MSU students can redeem specially discounted $15 tickets using their APID.

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