Top 10 Bands We Wish Had Musicals – Guest post by Chris Ryan

With fabulous shows such as “Jersey Boys” and “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical“, ‘This Boy’ had a hard time narrowing down the list to just ten, but here are the final results ‘From Me to You’.

10. Maroon 5


Pulling out chart-toppers consistently for the past decade, Maroon 5 would certainly make for a great musical.

9. Linkin Park


With music that marked the years of our angsty youth, Linkin Park’s dark, gritty sound would be sure to create an interesting story.

8. Fall Out Boy

What better way to get the punk-rock crowd into theatre?

7. The Fray


I might just die if this musical isn’t made. So I guess you could say that its creation is ‘How To Save A Life’?

6. U2


Because Bono, that’s why. I’d definitely go see this musical, U2?

5. Jackson 5


I definitely didn’t put this as #5 on purpose. Nope.

4. Journey


Someday this will be turned into a musical, I’m sure of it. ‘Don’t Stop Believin’, folks.

3. Florence and the Machine


Known for their eclectic fashion and throaty ballads, Florence and the Machine would make a visually stunning and vocally brilliant show.

2. Destiny’s Child


Girls getting kicked out, new ones joining – the journey of Destiny’s Child would prove to be an interesting musical. Also, BEYONCÉ!

1. Nickleback


Come on, you know you’d go see it. Plus, we might FINALLY be able to find out “What the hell is on Joey’s head?”

Do you have a particular band you’d like to see turned into a musical? Let us know on all of our social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter!

And don’t forget to buy your “Let It Be” tickets!

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