Q & A With Stephanie Williams from Dance Theatre of Harlem

Full given name: Stephanie Rae Williams

Zodiac sign: Gemini

If you could go back in time and catch any dance performance, what would it be? To see Raven Wilkinson dance with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo

Where were you born?/Raised?/Consider your old neighborhood? I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. When I was 8yrs old, my family moved to Allen, TX which is a suburb just north of Dallas.
Where do you live now? Does your family still live here?/Have a business? I have been living in New York City for the last 8 years. All of my family is still in Texas. I visit them often.
Where did you attend college?/Complete your training? I got my first job dancing professionally after I graduated high school. I have not attended college yet, but plan to in the future.

Performer you would drop everything to go see: Maria Kotchekova, Diana Vishneva, Marianela Nunez

Favorite pre-show meal: A box from the Whole Foods salad bar

Worst onstage mishap: Anytime I have fallen

Worst costume ever: I am not a fan of unitards

Who influenced you the most to get into this business? My mother and my Grandmother

Most played song on your iPod? Disclosure, You and Me

Last book you read? Papillion

Must-see TV show? No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain

Last good movie you saw? The Maze Runner

Favorite board game: /Favorite card game? Operation

Pop culture guilty pleasure? The Kardashians & music videos

Cats or dogs? Both!

Favorite cereal? Cinnamon Life

Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream – favorite flavor? Mint Chip Ice Cream

Cook at home, or eat out? Eat out

Favorite mode of transportation? Bicycle

Favorite karaoke song? Lady Gaga

Have you been here before (with a show or even passing through)? No, it will be my first time in East Lansing.

For more information about the show, and to buy tickets, you can check out the show page, call us at 1-800-WHARTON, and stop by the Ticket Office! Also, students don’t forget student tickets are only $15!

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