Who is Robert Post?

Robert Post, the creator of Post Comedy Theatre, holds many talents. He juggles, he acts, he mimes, and can improvise on the spot with envious ease. But who exactly is Robert Post, the man behind the many characters featured in his one-man show? We had a quick chat to learn more about this truly talented performer right in time for his performance here on October 26th!


Robert Post was last in East Lansing about four years ago. An Ohio native and Buckeye fan, it’s a bit of coincidence that the load-in for his Sunday family show performances at Wharton Center will be taking place during the Michigan State vs. Michigan football game, but while his heart may belong to the scarlet and gray of Ohio State, he can’t help but admire Michigan for being what he calls “a beautiful state.” He returns now with an exciting and creative show that is sure to capture the attention of any audience member, big or small.

So how did Robert Post become the genius behind his many hilarious pieces? According to Post, it wasn’t until college that he had the courage to go on stage. As a child, Robert grew up watching the Ed Sullivan Show, and immediately was drawn to the variety acts featured on TV. He could joke around and be funny with his friends, but when it came to being put in the spotlight in front of people he didn’t know, he admits he was actually incredibly shy. In fact, when asked what his favorite on-stage moment was, he remembers one of his earliest works called “Tall,” and it was this show that he finally found the courage to face the audience and do what he does best: make people laugh.

So what happens if something on stage goes wrong? “People love it when you point it out,” he says. If there’s an on-stage mishap, Post just rolls with it and uses his impressive improvisation skills to use it to his advantage. From fire alarms to costume malfunctions, microphones falling down his pants and juggling mishaps, this guy has gone through it all. One time during a performance, all of the lights went out in the venue, so what does he do? He performed the rest of his show in the lobby with nothing but the emergency lights! They key to ensuring a successful performance even when something goes wrong: staying calm: “When I stay calm, [the audience] stays calm.” Post has actually been carrying around a video camera for years, documenting every on-stage accident or mishap, which he plans on creating into a blooper reel of sorts!

It’s this kind of dedication to his performances that allow Robert Post to be successful regardless of any external factors. He says he doesn’t have one favorite piece or performance, but looks at the reaction to the show as a whole. Each audience, he says, has a different reaction to his shows, and each of his pieces “has it’s own personality”, making every performance unique and unlike the one before it. Even Robert Post himself doesn’t know what to expect! “I can be just as surprised by what comes out of me,” he says, which adds to the pure excitement of the crowd. You never know what to expect from a Robert Post show.

Robert Post will be at the Wharton Center on Sunday, October 26th, with performances at 1:30 and 4:00 PM as part of Wharton Center’s Act One Family series. If you’re interested in buying tickets, check out the show page on our website here, by calling 1-800-WHARTON, or stopping by the Ticket Office.

Get a sneak preview of what this amazing guy can do by checking out this video, then come see for yourself why everyone seems to love Robert Post in Post Comedy Theatre:

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