Q & A With Emily Keifer from Eisenhower Dance

Full given name: Emily Parkinson Zatursky

Zodiac sign: Aries

If you could go back in time and catch any dance performance, what would it be? I would love to go back in time and watch the premiere of Rite of Spring.  But I would love to be in the mindset that the audience had at the time as well.  The music and the dancing was so radical at the time, that the audience actually stood up and booed and fought each other.  It would be amazing to see, not only if it really was that radical, but also for audience members to have that much emotion about what they were seeing. 

Performer you would drop everything to go see: Jack Johnson.

Worst onstage mishap: One time in high school, I was performing The Nutcracker for school children.  Somehow my costume had been misplaced, so I had to wear a costume that was too big for me during the performance.  Right in the middle of the dance, I landed from a big jump and my knee gave out from under me and I fell to the floor.  I tried to get up, but every time I took a step to stand, I tripped on my tutu.  So there I was, in the front of the stage, scrambling on my hands and knees to get up, with my butt facing right out to the audience!  Finally I made my way off the ground and completed the dance.  Afterwards, I got off stage and said to my friends “Did you see what happened?” and they responded “Yes! Your costume was undone the whole time!”  Apparently, right as I walked on stage at the beginning of the dance, my costume unclipped in the back because it was too big for me.  So not only did I fall onstage, but the whole time  I was scrambling to get up, my costume had been completely undone in the back for everyone to see.

Worst costume ever: I had a costume once that was a royal blue unitard.  I do not like wearing unitards in the first place, but somehow we ended up wearing this costume probably 5 times for different dances.  It just kept coming back.

Who influenced you the most to get into this business? I first wanted to take dance because I saw a performance of The Nutcracker when I was very young and wanted to be just like the ballerinas on stage.  My sister also took dance and my mother had danced when she was young, so I kind of followed in their footsteps.  Once I started to progress and it became more clear that this was what I wanted to do for my career, my parents were both so supportive.

MAC or PC? Formerly MAC, now a PC

Most played song on your iPod? Honestly probably a classical piece for teaching ballet class.

One CD (or album) you couldn’t live without? This is kind of cheating, but I have a mixed CD with Billy Joel, The Beatles, The Eagles, singers like that, I’ve always really liked classic rock.

Last book you read? Right now I’m reading, “Want Not” by Jonathon Miles.  I always need a good book to read while we’re on tour.

Must-see TV show? Modern Family.

Last good movie you saw?  I just saw “Unknown” with Liam Neeson.  That was pretty good, definitely a mind twister.

Favorite board game: /Favorite card game? I love the game of LIFE and the card game Skipbo.

Pop culture guilty pleasure? Reality TV.  I love watching Masterchef and The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Cats or dogs? I can’t choose! I love them both.  I currently have a mini goldendoodle named Thumper.

Favorite cereal? Rice Krispies.

Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream – favorite flavor? I’ll say ice cream…and anything with caramel and chocolate in it.

Cook at home, or eat out? Definitely cook at home.  I love to cook.

Favorite mode of transportation?  Cars for sure, I hate flying and I don’t really care for subways and trains.

Favorite karaoke song? I don’t think you would ever catch me singing karaoke, I am way too shy for that and not a good singer.

Secret superpower? Teleportation would be pretty cool.  That way you could see so many different places and never have to go through the hassle or time of traveling.

What food grosses you out? Oysters.

Have you been to East Lansing before (with a show or even passing through)? I performed at the Wharton Center with Eisenhower Dance, I believe it was two years ago now.  Also, my husband went to Michigan State, so he takes me to as many of the football and basketball games as he can.


For more information about Eisenhower Dance: The Light Show, coming to Wharton Center October 30th, check out the show page here! Also, students don’t forget student tickets are only $15!

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