2014-2015 Staff Picks

Our newly announced 2014-2015 season is full of amazing performances. From Tony-winning Broadway shows to the best quality classical music, from jazz legends to famous authors, there is truly something for everyone in this remarkable lineup. We asked some of our staff members to share what they’re most excited for this season. Click through the images below to check out their answers!

“The show I’m most excited for next season at Wharton would have to be Once the Musical.  I’ve been a fan of Once since the movie first came out, and was lucky enough to see the show on Broadway during their first week of previews.  The experience of seeing Once on stage is unlike seeing any other Broadway show, and the music itself is enough to make you fall in love.  I can’t wait to experience this show again at Wharton, and to take my family to see it because I know they will love it!” – Meg Brophy, Social Media Manager

“Being the jazz lover I am, those are the performances I am really looking forward to. The Hot Sardines are an extremely fun group, taking and remaking music from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s with a great band and tap dancer to the stage. Arturo Sandoval is another that I can’t wait to see. Not only is he one of the living legends of jazz (with nine Grammies to his name), but has an incredible story about his defection from Cuba. Cécile Mclorin Salvant is one of the most in-demand singers today and has a sweet, sweet voice. And of course, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band continues to be a favorite, this time appearing with the illustrious Allen Toussaint.” – Bryan Jao, Director of Programming

“While I’m excited about the entire season, the musical Once has been extremely well received and unfortunately I didn’t take advantage of an opportunity to see it when I lived in New York.  My friends have done nothing but rave about it, and it’s a fantastic addition. Seriously, each musical for the ’14-’15 season either won the Tony for Best Musical originally, or Best Revival!  The second has to be The Phantom of the Opera, which I have a personal attachment to as my wife, Kris, performed in the Broadway company for a dozen years. I’ve seen the Broadway production countless times, and I’m really interested to see the updated version. Of course the chandelier remains, but I’ve heard there are dazzling new special effects, along with new choreography and scenic design – the classic songs and story remain the same, but it will be very exciting to see what changes are in store.” – Steve Ouellette, Assistant Director of Operations

“I am very excited about the return of Itzhak Perlman. It is a joy to watch and hear him perform. I am also so looking forward to the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra with Pavel Kogan and Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg on violin. The passion Salerno-Sonnenberg exudes when performing is electric. Can’t wait! – Ryonn Clute, Senior Marketing Manager

“I loved Kinky Boots because it’s based on an inspiring true story.  I walked away with a renewed sense of human kindness.  We live in a world that isn’t always nice to those who are unique, but Kinky Boots unites people from opposite spectrums and in the end proves that all people have more in common, than not in common. And from the moment the curtain went up and Pippin started my mouth was open in amazement.  This show is incredible.  Director Diane Paulus breathed new life into an already great story.  The choreography is incredible, the acrobatics breathtaking, and I agree 100% with the New York Times, it’s “ASTONISHING!” – Bob Hoffman, Public Relations Manager

“When I found out Phantom of the Opera was coming back to Wharton Center, I was so excited. This show was one of the first shows I saw in East Lansing and continues to be a favorite of mine. I’m also excited to see 2CELLOS because I love the way they cover popular songs with a classical twist. Overall, this is probably one of the best seasons I think we’ve had!” – Stephanie Archambeau, Marketing Intern

“Of course, I am delighted with the whole season, but I am really looking forward to seeing I Love Lucy Live on Stage – I have never been in a studio audience, and to experience a 1952-era sitcom screening, complete with 1952-era live commercials, is so much fun! I am also a rabid David Sedaris fan, I find him to be hilariously acerbic. His wit is so incisive – and I love how he always responds to the audience in a different way wherever he performs.” – Diane E. Willcox, Director of Marketing and Communications

“Among the many great performances this coming season, one to note is David Mamet’s A Life in the Theatre. This whimsical satire of the theatre is one of Mamet’s funniest pieces and a rare opportunity to see it. Mamet has a great time parodying the hand that’s fed him for decades and the play is a departure from his hard hitting, often explosive other works, and with the top-caliber Walnut Street Theatre. A second is Julian Sands in A Celebration of Harold Pinter. Theatre and film star Julian Sands, along with his director John Malkovich, have put together a brilliant evening of Pinter prose and poetry. This is also a rare chance to see it as Mr. Sands performs the piece only occasionally.”  – Bert Goldstein, Director, MSUFCU Institute for Arts & Creativity



What are you most excited for next season? Sound off in the comments below. More information about season packages can be found at: http://www.whartoncenter.com/events-tickets/become-a-subscriber

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