5 Lessons to Learn from Cyrille Aimée

In demand around the world, Cyrille Aimée travels all over performing in various venues for audiences of all ages – she has one of the most sparkling and intriguing voices in the modern jazz world, or as the Washington Post puts it, “a voice like fine whiskey — oaky and smooth, with a hint of smokiness.” As a singer myself, I see her as a role model, but not just musically. She lives by example: that life is too short to do anything except what you’re passionate about and what fulfills your ambitions. Whatever your profession or aspiration, you might be able to learn a few lessons about how she navigates through life:


1) She pursues what she loves
Cyrille has been working towards her music career since her childhood – and look where it’s gotten her. She’s won multiple vocal competitions, performed in dozens of countries and recorded several CDs, all the current age of 29. Whether you’re 5 or 55, it’s never too late to start working at what you love doing. If it brings you joy, you’ve got nothing to lose.

2) She is a free spirit
To me, being open to new adventures is what I love about life – discovering a new hobby, making new friends, traveling new places – there is a hidden reward in all of these, and it’s different for everyone. Cyrille was a risk-taker as a child, sneaking out of her home in France in the wee hours of the night to learn from the traveling European gypsies and their music. In fact, they are still a heavy influence on Cyrille’s music today. Being a free spirit, she gained a lifetime of insight from these people, which sparked her passions and goals. So next time you stumble upon a new opportunity, take it. There is always so much to see!

3) She has great style
Cyrille lives by example that self-expression can come in many forms – and besides music, Cyrille shows her true colors by the way she dresses. In my opinion, her vintage-looking, classy choice of clothing contributes to her confidence and poise on stage. She has a distinct look – and so can you. No matter what your fashion sense, it’s a direct expression of your character; so own it, whatever you choose to be. Be bold!


4) She sends positive vibes
Cyrille is a spiritual person. Learning from the gypsies, she realized her gifts at and early age. “I was hypnotized by this music which made me want to tap my feet,” she said. “Swinging music makes me so happy.” Its true; whenever you sing, endorphins are released in your brain – the happy chemical. With the nature of jazz already sounding uplifting, its easy for Cyrille to perform with a smile on her face – and in her 29 years of life, she’s reached out to thousands of people with her music. So next time you’re feeling blue, whether you consider yourself musically talented or not, try giving singing a go – it will instantly boost your mood! In return, you might discover the positive vibes within yourself that you can send to the people around you.

5) She doesn’t conform
In the world today, it’s easy to take the shortcuts, to follow the crowd and hang out in the shadows. The problem with this, though, is it prevents you from discovering new things and developing the best version of yourself. When she was younger, Cyrille auditioned for “Star Academy” which is the French version of “American Idol.” No surprise she made the top 16, however, this meant having to sign a 10-year contract with strict ties, including what she would have to sing. From here, she quit. Cyrille shows that passions and talents don’t deserve to be locked up – whatever you’re good at it, share it!


Cyrille Aimée graces Wharton Center intimate Pasant stage on Thursday, April 24th. Now that you know more about the free-spirited, gypsy-influenced, multi-talented jazz vocalist, why not step out of your boundaries and try something new? Cyrille Aimée has unique concerts that should not be missed, and that in and of itself may be a new experience for you.

To learn more, or to buy tickets, visit http://www.whartoncenter.com/events/detail/cyrille-aimee or call 1-800-WHARTON.


Sarah Brunner is a Junior Advertising major at Michigan State University. She enjoys her involvement at Wharton Center as a marketing intern and Special Events Coordinator of Wharton Center Student Marketing Organization. She spends her weekends playing acoustic guitar and singing at various restaurants, coffee shops and other venues in Michigan. In addition, she enjoys swimming, reading, art and people.

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