What is Pilobolus?

“What on Earth is Pilobolus?” you may ask, and you wouldn’t be the first. There are certain groups in the dance world that have the ability to bust genres, and Pilobolus is just that.

So, what is Pilobolus? Let’s find out:

With over 40 years of stunningly imaginative works, Pilobolus has become a pioneering cultural fixture in American dance.  Part dance, part acrobatics, part humor and fun, Pilobolus is a force unlike any other. The ensemble dances, leaps, flies, defies gravity and twists into contortions that seem to break all rules of physical ability. With its witty, funny and awe-inspiring works, they’ve built a fervent and expanding international following by showing the human body to be the most expressive, universal and magical of media. With a foot in the avant-garde, they are also firmly rooted in popular culture, including being featured in TV ads, on 60 Minutes, on the Academy Awards, on Oprah, Conan, and in the Grammy-nominated video for the band OK Go’s “All is Not Lost.”

If you’re not familiar with Pilobolus, or if you want to know more, we’ve included some really cool videos that show what Pilobolus is all about:

It’s not surprising that dancers are very often used in music videos in order to portray an emotion behind the song. OK Go, worked with Pilobolus in their music video for the song for their video for the song “All is Not Lost.”

And check out a behind the scenes clip from the ensemble’s rehearsal with choreographer Trish Sie.

Audiences everywhere have been captivated by Pilobolus for decades, and lucky for us, they will be at Wharton Center on April 8th, at 7:30pm. Tickets are still available, along with more information about the performance, at the show page on our website here: http://www.whartoncenter.com/events/detail/pilobolus


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