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5 Lessons to Learn from Cyrille Aimée

In demand around the world, Cyrille Aimée travels all over performing in various venues for audiences of all ages – she has one of the most sparkling and intriguing voices in the modern jazz world, or as the Washington Post

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Who is Cyrille Aimée? – Guest Blogger and SSJF Coordinator Benjamin Hall

My name is Benjamin Hall. I am the Coordinator of the Summer Solstice Jazz Festival (SSJF), which means I do everything from creating the festival’s advertising to the glamorous job of renting the port-a-potties. Last year was my first in

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14-15 Season Select Performances Announced

You’ve seen the clues on our Facebook page, and now we are proud to reveal eight shows from our 2014-2015 Season Lineup! Click through the teaser clue images below to learn more about these great performances, and when they’re coming

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The Moth MainStage Coming to East Lansing

This is a re-post of an article written by Steve Chrypinski from Michigan Radio News. There was a time when stories were not shared on the singular screens of computers, but breathed into existence by living performers. Join Michigan Radio and Wharton

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What is Pilobolus?

“What on Earth is Pilobolus?” you may ask, and you wouldn’t be the first. There are certain groups in the dance world that have the ability to bust genres, and Pilobolus is just that. So, what is Pilobolus? Let’s find out:

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