Top 10 Reasons to Take Your Date to see the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra

Valentine’s Day may be over, but love is still in the air! If you’re searching for the perfect date night, check out the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra when it comes to Wharton Center on Monday, February 24th! Still need a little convincing that this show will be the perfect way to end February? Don’t worry, we’ve made a list of the top ten reasons why your date and you will love to see this exciting performance:

1. They are one of the top-ranked orchestras in the entire world


2. Your date will think you’re very cultured when you tell him/her, “they’ll be playing Rachmaninoff’s symphony no. 2, the most spellbinding in my opinion…”

 …and then you can actually hear why Rachmaninoff’s Symphony no. 2 actually is the most spellbinding of Rachmaninoff’s three symphonies

3. You can use this opportunity to begin learning more about the masters of classical music if you’re new to it

4. It’ll help you practice pronouncing Prokofiev

5. You’ll be introduced to Vilde Frang, who totally rocks as a soloist on the violin


6. Be fancy and have dinner beforehand

7. You could use this opportunity to try and rock a dapper bow tie as well as Yuri Temirkanov does


8. It’s a great chance to see an orchestra of this caliber and a conductor this spectacular live in person

9. You’ll probably have the melody stuck in your head for days, which is perfect for humming along

10. You get to experience the visceral, soul-soaring joy of a great night of music. Pretty cool if you ask us.


And a bonus reason! You get to experience the same great concert The Washington Post reviewed and raved about this weekend:

Are you convinced? Tickets are STILL AVAILABLE for their performance on Monday, February 24th, so grab yours today:

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