Dance is the Thing – Guest Blogger and Intern Kelly Munzenberger

How does Laurie Eisenhower, Artistic Director of Eisenhower Dance, describe her ensemble’s upcoming performance at Wharton Center? “Eisenhower Dance is thrilled to be returning to the Wharton Center on Wednesday night. The Cobb Great Hall is one of the best theatres in the state for dance performance, so it is wonderful to be able to perform on such a grand stage.  Our Red, Hot and Blue program has a little something for everyone.  The performance is creative, virtuosic, passionate, and fun…and my current roster of dancers are just amazing.  The last time we were in East Lansing we had a super audience, so we are looking forward to another great show!”

And how does Kelly Munzenberger, a life-long dancer and marketing intern at Wharton Center, describe her experiences with dance? Kelly puts it this way…

When I was 3 years old, my mom signed me up for a ballet class through the city recreation department. I don’t think she ever imagined way back then what an impact those 45 minutes per week would begin to have on my life. I can confidently say that dance has shaped me into the person I am today, and for that I am so thankful.

Dance combines power and athleticism with delicacy and artistry, all the while aiming to entertain an audience. Dancers become strong mentally, physically and emotionally. Remembering 8-count upon 8-count of intricate choreography, maintaining stamina to dance at the equivalent of an all-out sprint for many minutes, playing a character or portraying an emotion, and making it all look effortlessly graceful is all part of a normal performance for a dancer. Oh, and did I mention this is in front of an audience of sometimes hundreds or thousands? I’m probably a little biased, but I think that dance is one of the hardest activities that someone can do. That being said, there is nothing that I love more.

Anyone who knows me would say that I’m usually a fairly quiet, introverted person. Growing up dancing definitely helped me come out of my shell, and given me more self-confidence. When I’m on stage, it’s like I’m a whole different person and not shy at all. Dance also provides a way to express any possible emotion. Whether it’s joy, stress, grief, or anything in between, you can dance about it. More productive and beneficial than binge eating ice cream, that’s for sure! There has never been a time when I had dance and did not come out feeling better than I did before. Lastly, dance has given me such an appreciation for all art forms. It has taught me to be creative and open-minded, and look at things in unexpected ways.

I could talk all day about the impact that dance has had on my life, but I would highly encourage everyone to experience it for themselves. Go see a dance company like Eisenhower Dance perform. Sign up to take a ballroom dance class with your significant other. I think you’ll find the power of dance will move you, literally!

Be sure to check out the diverse dance performances coming up at Wharton Center throughout the season. Eisenhower Dance, a Michigan-based contemporary company will return to Wharton Center this Wednesday. Their performance of Red, Hot and Blue will be dynamic and enjoyable for sure. I guarantee that if you give dance a chance, it will add so much to your life.

For more information, visit

Check out this trailer for their show at Wharton Center:


Kelly Munzenberger  is a junior marketing major at Michigan State University. She is the president of the MSU Dance Club and involved with the Wharton Center Student Marketing Organization, along with being a Public Relations Intern at Wharton. She loves attending MSU Sporting events, hanging out with friends and family, and volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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