Take a Magic Carpet Ride with Aladdin and Other Enchanting Tales

How do you tell a story?

How do you capture the imagination of a child, and transform ideas and stories into a live stage show?

Enchantment Theatre Company does just that. It’s not hard to see that when Enchantment Theatre Company puts on a performance, they look at the story from a kid’s point of view. In this production of Aladdin and Other Enchanting Tales on January 12, the company utilizes masterful puppets, colorful masks and costumes to portray the many stories from the Arabian Nights, from popular favorites like Sinbad and Aladdin and his lamp, to adventures like fighting dragons and saving a Sultan. Not only does this add a whole new level to the tales, it also gives everyone a peek into the mind of a child who is being told the story and what they must be imagining as they hear it. This type of portrayal is a hallmark of the Enchantment Theatre Company, which has mastered the art of storytelling on the stage through their other productions such as the Velveteen Rabbit and Harold and the Purple Crayon, which have been seen on the Wharton Center stage in past, along with other childhood favorites. Through the ensembles unique take on these stories, as well as Aladdin and Other Enchanting Tales, not only do we have the chance to watch kids light up with excitement seeing the performance, we get to experience a little bit of magic ourselves.

According to Bert Goldstein, Director of the MSUFCU Institute for Arts and Creativity at Wharton Center, this is the fourth Enchantment production to have been brought to the Wharton Center. Goldstein says, “their work is delightfully full of imagination and verve.  They are consistently inventive and surprising and audiences seem to be totally captivated by what they experience. It really is brilliant children’s theatre at its best.” If you haven’t had the opportunity to see one of their productions, now’s the chance to experience this company in what is sure to be breathtaking performance.

Check out some of our favorite pictures from the show and see for yourself how vivid and exciting this production is. Still haven’t bought tickets? Head over to the show page at http://www.whartoncenter.com/events/detail/tales-from-the-arabian-nights

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